Miyamoto Musashi was the greatest swordsman in 17th Century Japan. He killed 25 men in duels by the time he was 21. One day, he was sleeping in a boat on a river, when a drunken samurai started terrorizing the passengers. Miyamoto calmly asked the drunk to be quiet so he could continue his nap. Outraged, the samurai challenged him to a duel to the death. Miyamoto accepted, but asked that they not fight on the boat so as not to tip it over, but instead to duel on an island close by. The drunken samurai accepted the terms and bragged that Miyamoto would soon be no more. The boat pulled up to the island and the drunk jumped from the boat onto the island, eager to begin the duel. Miyamoto told the captain of the boat to speed away, leaving the samurai stranded and alone on the island. The samurai was furious and screamed at Miyamoto that he would cut him into little pieces and feed his body to the fishes. "Maybe you could if you could catch me," replied Miyamoto. And that is the story of Miyamoto Musashi's greatest victory, which he won without fighting.

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