RDF does not provide a built-in way of indicating how a URIref like exproducts:triple12345 is associated with a particular statement or graph, any more than it provides a built-in way of indicating how a URIref like exproducts:item10245 is associated with an actual tent. Associating specific URIrefs with specific resources (statements in this case) must be done using mechanisms outside of RDF. [...] The lack of a built-in means for assigning URIrefs to statements does not mean that "provenance" information of this kind cannot be expressed in RDF, just that it cannot be done using only the meaning RDF associates with the reification vocabulary. For example, if an RDF document (say, a Web page) has a URI, statements could be made about the resource identified by that URI and, based on some application-dependent understanding of how those statements should be interpreted, an application could act as if those statements "distribute" over (apply equally to) all the statements in the document.

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