We believe this is the most general data structure, able to replace tables, arrays, spreadsheet and relational database, and intrinsically offering built-in visualizations and hands-on controls. That structure we call zzstructure, or hyperthogonal structure. Like a table it is composed of cells which are connected in rows and at right angles. But there are no overall spatial coordinates.

In a conventional table, the bottom of one cell is connected to the top of another, the left side of once cell is connected to the right side of another.

We generalize this, and say the top of any cell can be connected to the bottom of any cell, and the left edge of any cell can be connected to the right edge of any cell.

This allows building regular tables, regular data arrays (of the old-fashioned Fortran type), and special-purpose irregular structures of great power-- including databases that go on and on, rather than being restricted to narrow topics.

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