...we present the concept of Graph Views as one of the core concepts in NRL. By allowing for arbitrary tailored interpretations for any established named graph, graph views fulfill our idea that named graphs should not innately carry any realized semantics or assumptions, unless they are themselves views on other graphs for exactly that purpose, and that they should remain un- changed and independent of any view applied on them. [...] A named graph consists only of the enumerated triples in the triple set associated with the name, and does not inherently carry any form of semantics (apart from the basic RDF semantics). However in many situations it is desirable to work with an extended or restricted interpretation of simple syntax-only named graphs. [...] Views are different interpretations for a particular named graph. Formally, a view is an executable specification of an input graph into a corresponding output graph. Informally, they can be seen as arbitrary wrappings for a named graph. [...] View specifications can execute the view realization for a view, via a set of queries/rules in a query/rule language (e. g., a SPARQL query over a named graph), or via an external application

« Graph views as a way to support tailored interpretations for named graphs »

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