the phrase "dynamic semantic publishing" was probably first coined by the BBC to describe their metadata-driven publishing platform

in summary, the novel features of the publishing platform are: a lot of the content is automatically generated based on the metadata stored in the RDF database, i.e. a SPARQL query about a topic will get the relevant aggregated metadata for the web page content (as opposed to manually authored web pages) - the underlying domain model is an ontology (as opposed to a relational schema) - automated text analysis is used for the journalist authored content (blogs, news articles) so that tags and topics are extracted and stored as metadata for the article in the RDF database - data from additional datasources is also RDF-ized and stored in the metadata repository (RDF database) - inference of new facts derives additional metadata in the RDF database (with respect to the RDF or OWL semantics) - the content (journalist authored or dynamically generated) is enriched with external data from the Linked Open Data cloud (DBpedia, Freebase, etc)

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