Coaching is a process by which a coach assists a client to tap into their highest potential and successfully achieve their goals. We move our clients from functional to optimal performance, very often by simply helping them to get out of their own way.

Through asking powerful, often bold questions, a good coach will help the client:

· identify their goals (what they really want based on their individual values)

· co-create a detailed action plan to achieve them

· teach them how to access and engage their energy and resources in pursuit of their goals

· help them understand and overcome their limitations; and

· hold them accountable to achieving their action plan.

And it’s staggeringly effective. In the organisational sector alone, businesses report

· 92% of coached managers found their performance improved

· 96% of organisations see the benefits to the individual and said they would repeat the experience.

· Clients reported a median return on investment of 3.44 times their investment.

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