Well, some people say you can still get in before the real boom. Many are predicting the bitcoin to go from 200 to 360 in the next few months and eventually end up at 100,000+ You see there is only 21 million bitcoins that can ever exist. The more people use the greater the demand. So you think its all a scam? Well Germany has accepted it as legal tender. China is accepting it, many people are using it to trade online because the can't use paypal in their countries. Also, you can get free bitcoin (fractions of ) from many sites. Many cafe's are also starting to accept it. Wordpress accepts it and Amazon and paypal are looking into using it too. Time to take it seriously I think. There is a crowd source funded project called GBBG that allows people to get free coin for watching ads and video etc... You can go to the bitnews and blog links on their website to learn more about bitcoin. They are a technology group looking to launch bitcoin related products. People may not believe it, but this new currency is about to change the way we use money online. I've posted this link before and many people liked it, so here it is again http://bit.ly/133rHGa This is an easy way to get your own coin for free and start watching it grow, It's a bit of fun anyway.

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