Microattribution should be built into database entries, databases, genome browsers, journal articles, journals and social network face pages, probably even into your fridge.Providing incentive for global community annotation of the human genome. Giving database accessions the same citation conventions and indices that journal articles currently enjoy, so that genotype-phenotype-frequency annotations are counted as genotype-author-phenotype-frequency annotations. Microattributions should be complemented by high level peer-refereed reviews and a convenient browser interface. Annotators should form a social network that displays their publications, microattributions, affiliations and credentials. Vendors can sustain free access by sponsoring particular sets of content (eg. loci, pathways, probesets) and via annotator endorsements. These models might be appropriate for a Variome browser, Variome reviews and a network of human genome annotators, HUGONet.

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