Semantic publishing offers the promise of computable papers, enriched visualisation and a realisation of the linked data ideal. [...] It promises a realisation of the vision of a next generation of the web, with papers becoming a critical part of a linked data environment [1,4], where the results and narratives become one. [...] As well as delivering content, we are also using this framework to investigate semantic academic publishing, investigating how we can enhance the machine interpretability of the final paper, while living within the key constraint of making life (slightly) better for machine, author and reader without adding complexity for the human participants. Primarily here, we are interested only in the machine that mediate either the authoring or reading process; however, increased interpretability for these machines should also benefit others, including for instance those of librarians or publishers. [...] To move towards semantic publishing in kblog, we have tried to put in place an approach that gives benefit to readers, authors and computational interpretation. As a result, at this stage, we have light semantic publishing, with small but definite benefits for all.

« Semantic publishing offers the promise... »

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