The data that relate terminology and concept definition support the classical thesaurus functions (Soergel 1996, Doerr and Fundulaki 1998):

  • guidance for the user to find a concept in the thesaurus,

  • clarification of its meaning,

  • unique identifiers to be used for effective identification, indexing and classification of the (archaeological) material

  • preservation and update of information, through a process of proposals/submission of new terms or of modifications on introduced terms. This process has been structured in another schema (fig 1). It is regarded as a necessary process since it contributes to the completeness and final edition (through a version control) of the period thesaurus (Doerr and Fundulaki 1998).

  • a frame of an ontology for standardization of elements. (Doerr and Fundulaki 1998). An ontological analysis, which aims at supporting reasoning about the relations between periods, and periods and finds.

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