Over the last few years Linked Data has been going from strength to strength. Many more organisations are now seeing the benefits of applying semantic web technologies to help publish, share, and create value from data. As part of the Talis Group, Talis Systems has invested an incredible amount of time and effort in playing its part to help foster the vision of a web of data. Over the years we’ve had many successes, creating a flexible data platform and building a world-class consulting team. We’ve worked with many different organisations across many different sectors and seen some exciting projects bear fruit.

But there is a limit to how much one small organisation can achieve. In our view, the commercial realities for Linked Data technologies and skills whilst growing is still doing so at a very slow rate, too slow for us to sustain our current levels of investment.

We have therefore made the decision to cease any further activities in relation to the generic semantic web and to focus our efforts on investing in our growing Education business.

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