The graph structure for an rdf:Seq container, and the corresponding RDF/XML, are similar to those for an rdf:Bag (the only difference is in the type, rdf:Seq). Once again, although an rdf:Seq container is intended to describe a sequence, it is up to applications creating and processing the graph to appropriately interpret the sequence of integer-valued property names. [...] The RDF in Figure 15 as written states simply that the value of the s:DistributionSite site property is the Alt container resource itself. Any additional meaning that is to be read into this graph, e.g., that one of the members of the Alt container is to be considered as the value of the s:DistributionSite site property, or that is the default or preferred value, must be built into an application's understanding of the intended meaning of an Alt container, and/or into the meaning defined for the particular property (s:DistributionSite in this case), which also must be understood by the application.

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