The objective of information architecture (IA) is to design how information is created, structured and labeled to ensure a user experience that facilitates users in achieving their goals by finding information or completing a task in the most efficient manner. It describes how users navigate through the portal and how information managed by the solution is organized, ensuring that users are able to find the content they are looking for. Driven by purpose, IA for your portal is a tool that assists users in understanding and interacting with the solution. A well-designed IA does not guarantee the success of your KM or collaboration solution but a poorly designed one surely promises failure. This workshop focuses on approaches with three key elements of information architecture: site, page, and metadata architecture. These three elements ensure that the entire site is organized for “findability,” each page provides the optimal information for users, and all content is “tagged” with optimal attributes to support both browsing and searching for content. Use these strategies, tips and techniques to ensure your portal and collaboration solutions, particularly those based on SharePoint 2007, provide measurable business results and successful user experiences.

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