The Agora project started in October 2009 with the aim of facilitating context-driven browsing and search in heterogeneous museum collections. The context that unites these collections is pro- vided by historical events that can be linked to the collection objects, as historical event-descriptions are comprised of causal language, locations, the actors involved and the time of the event. [..] The goal of Agora is threefold: (1) a historical event thesaurus linked to museum artefacts, (2) a semi-automatic event modelling approach that satisfies both the needs of experts and the general public, and (3) an online social platform in which both the general public and expert historians can explore various perspectives on events, build their own narratives, and contribute to the evolution of the event thesaurus [..] The results of both Agora and Semantics of History will be deployed in a social cultural heritage platform that will allow different users (e.g., experts, interested laypersons and secondary school students) to have event-based access to the S&V and RMA collections.

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