Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of our approach is its classification of ideas according to semantic inheritance relationships holding between the contents of ideas rather than more formal inheritance relationships observed in their types (e.g. social or structural roles). [...] Moreover, we prefer a decomposition focusing on taxonomic structure that is as stable and non-controversial as possible, and thus would be familiar to most of the SEP’s authors and editors. No widely-accepted social/structural decomposition of philosophical ideas currently exists, so one would have to be engineered. For these reasons, we chose to focus instead on a decomposition classifying ideas according to their locations in the semantic space of the discipline. Thus, our category philosophical idea breaks down into idea about epistemology, idea about metaphysics, idea about ethics, idea about logic, idea about philosophy of mind, and so on. (Note that hereafter, the “idea_about...” prefix is omitted from all category names, and should be implicitly assumed to avoid confusion.)

« Classification of ideas according to semantic inheritance relationships »

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