Many of the automated metadata management tools available today operate primarily on term co-occurrence statistics. Term co-occurrence approaches attempt to recover semantic information about terms from the textual context in which they appear (whether it be sentence, paragraph, or entire document). As anyone who has used a search engine can attest, however, co-occurrence information alone is often not enough to intelligently infer semantic relevance. [...] Rather than searching for a fully-automated solution to our metadata needs, we seek to utilize the SEP’s most valuable resource—regular access to domain experts in philosophy. Our approach to dynamic ontology begins with a small amount of initial manual ontology construction. Once the initial structure is in place, a variety of automated methods are used to structure feedback solicitation forms and deploy that feedback in data validation, ontology population, and the semi-automatic extension of its taxonomic structure.

« Automatic methods in dynamic ontology; a hybrid solution that keeps experts in the loop »

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