I’m an active person. I usually workout an average of 1.4 hours per day, four to six days a week. However, I am not getting any younger. I’m always interested in steps I can take to maximize and maintain my health for as long as possible.

In the past, I had read articles about the adverse health effects and risks associated with sitting for hours on end — pun intended — and learned about the many benefits of working in a standing position. Along with reduced back strain and increased energy, you can burn up to 60 calories more per hour than sitting. That means that in a week’s time, and at my average hours worked per day, I will burn 3600 additional calories per week just by standing at my desk instead of sitting.

Now I am not really too worried about burning extra calories, but as I said, I am not getting any younger. Every little bit will help me stay in good to great shape, to age more gracefully, and to continue leading an active life.

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